Vigil Anti Slip Australia

Vigil Anti Slip Australia

Established in 1988, Prism Pty. Ltd., an Australian owned company is the manufacturer of Vigil Antislip products. The company boasts exports to over sixty countries, where it has become market leader due to the high quality products and proactive distributors.

In over a decade of operation the company has consistently led the field in the development and refinement of antislip products. As a result, Vigil Antislip products are in many instances specified by name by some of the largest and most respected international companies.

In all export markets, clients are serviced by exclusive distributors who are fully trained in all aspects of the products capabilities, applications and installation and who can carry out comprehensive hazard assessment surveys to determine precisely which Vigil Antislip products are required. In the majority of cases, distributors can meet their clients needs immediately from available stock.

Throughout Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the America's, with a growing clientele in every important resource production and processing region, Vigil Antislip is regarded as the leader in industrial slip control.

More recently Vigil Antislip has entered the commercial markets where asthetics are as important as safety factors. Combining architectural acceptability with the highest antislip rating ever achieved has cemented the reputation of Vigil Antislip as the leader in the field of antislip technology and innovation.

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