Ultrasonic Milk Analyzer Machine in Pakistan
  • Smallest ultrasonic milk analyzer with cleaning with peristaltic pump;
  • User-friendly: simple in operation, maintenance, calibration and installation;
  • 60 samples/hour, 60 sec. measurement;
  • Portable and compact design;
  • Very small quantity of milk required;
  • Low power consumption;
  • No use of hazardous chemicals;
  • Measuring accuracy adjustment can be done by the user RS232 Interface;
  • ESC POS Printer Support;
  • Two samples self-calibration;
  • Easily readable results;
  • One year full warranty.

CALIBRATIONS:   Cow, Buffallo, Mix (Other settings of your choise can be done)



Measure Range



from 0.01% to 25%


Solids-non-fat (SNF)

from 3% to 15%



from 1015kg/m³ to 1040kg/m³



from 2% to 7%



from 0.01% to 6%


Added water

from 0% to 70%


Milk sample temperature

from 1°C to 40 °C


Freezing point

from –0.4°C to –0.7°C



from 0.4% to 1.5%


Environment Conditions:
Ambient air temperature: 10°C –40°C
Milk temperature: 1°C – 40°C
Relative humidity: 30% – 80%

Electrical Parameters:
AC Power Supply voltage: 220V/110V
DC Power Supply voltage: 12V to 14,2V
Power Consumption: 30W max

Dimensions: Dimensions (W x D x H): 140x175x190 mm
Weight: 1kg

Optional Accessories:
1- Printer
2- Cleaning Chemicals

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Milk Analyzer Machine in Pakistan

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